Recessed Solar PV, Rossendale

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William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd completed a simple integrated solar PV system in Rossendale for a local children’s nursery.

This Solar Panel tray-mounting system replaces your roof tiles to fit flush within your roofline.

The mounting kit can be used with any roof material and any standard solar panel, giving you more flexibility over your style and budget.

How Solar Panels work

Solar Panels capture solar irradiation and convert it into free, green electricity for your Business or Home. Your home will use both electricity from your Solar Panels and from the electricity grid.

When you generate more solar electricity than you are using, the excess is automatically supplied back to the grid. Best of all you’re paid for generating solar electricity, irrespective of whether you use it or supply it back to the grid.

Are roof-integrated Solar Panels right for you?

Most properties are suitable for Solar Panels, and with clever in-roof mounting kits and more slimline panel options than ever before, attractive Solar Panels are an option for everyone.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have the perfect roof. William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd experts at making a system work for you.