Low Energy Lighting Installation

According to the Carbon Trust, UK companies and the public sector have the potential to cut annual energy bills by up to £700m a year by switching to low energy lighting technologies.

The Carbon Trust have produced a guide detailing how embracing lighting best practices, such as installing efficient LED bulbs or automated sensor-based controls, can help the average organisation reduce energy bills by a fifth.

William Dyer Electrical (UK) Ltd offer a lighting design and installation service using the latest software to give effective energy efficient lighting schemes. We only use recognised quality lighting fittings which are often wired and tested in house before reaching your site, in order to make our installations more efficient and effective.


Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting is primarily intended to provide sufficient illumination to enable people to see their way safely out of a building in cases of emergency.

It is vital that emergency lighting comes on if the normal lighting fails. It needs to be sufficiently bright, illuminated for enough time and the light sources so positioned that the occupants of a building can be evacuated safely in an emergency.

William Dyer Electrical offer emergency lighting installation and maintenance services to include self testing LED’s BS5266-1;2011