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William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd have invested in 30 new electronic kits and robotic cars for their social responsibility commitments.

William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd understand the responsibility of businesses to do the right thing and share knowledge in the communities in which they work.

Managing Director William Dyer says “We do a lot of wonderful things in the community but engaging with young people is vitally important for the electrical contracting industry and engaging with young people early in life may give them the career direction in the future.”

William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd are working on projects throughout Lancashire (Liverpool-Manchester-Delamere-Rossendale-Burnley) and if there are any schools (Primary or Secondary) in the areas listed above which would like William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd to come in and take some classes in science or technology with our exciting kits and robots then please do contact us at info@wmdyer.co.uk or email m.murphy@wmdyer.co.uk.